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It is purely a coincidence that we had been establishing Genesis Aviation before the current pandemic and we had a long discussion on whether to stop things (or at least pause them) during this challenging time. We chose the positive route to utilise our extensive knowledge and experience and continue.

Genesis is led by a team of experts drawn mainly from the ATM industry with notable additions from other disciplines. Unlike many service providers we do not employ teams of sales and marketing professionals, but rather focus on providing outstanding customer service. Genesis Aviation invests heavily in the consultancy and support services that are critical to our own ongoing success. 

We have developed the service to offer initial rapid feasibility and cost-effective ongoing support, an approach that separates us from the regular consultancy route and capitalises on our ability to guide and troubleshoot.

Genesis Aviation can appraise projects rapidly to maximise opportunities and benefits while mitigating negative impacts, our skills are transferable and we are able to support the Rail, Nuclear and Maritime industries.

Please contact us for details on qualifications, capabilities and solutions.