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For a business to thrive, it is so important to keep continually alert to new developments and areas to improve. This is the key to a successful business, and it applies equally in the aviation industry as elsewhere. The challenge is managing this process effectively. All too often, good intentions and new developments are stymied by internal factors which prevent management teams from realising their goals.

At Genesis Aviation, we provide the solution for your business. We are experts in project management consulting. We specialise in helping companies to carry out new developments, restructures, or open new avenues of revenue by carrying out the project management processes that are required. If your company is looking for effective project quality management, contact us today. We are ready to discuss your requirements and show how our experienced specialists can help take your company to the next level.

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One of the main advantages to having external support for your ongoing development is that it provides the expertise that you do not have within the company. Rather than increasing your team by taking on new employees or relying on team members who do not have the right experience, we ensure that your project is coordinated by someone who knows exactly what is required and how to get your company to its desired result.  At the same time, the fact that the business experts are external to your company means that we can prioritise the requirements of your business over the convenience of implementation. We have the advantage of a broader perspective, where we consider the whole company in a wide context, not to mention experience of other projects carried out for other businesses, whereas your employees are more likely to have a focus that is restricted to their department or area of expertise.

We believe that project management quality is assured through two key aspects. Firstly, we ensure that there is a strong quality assurance system in place to give quantifiable assessment of the progress and achievements of the team. Secondly, we believe that project management should be carried out as a mentoring role; what we mean by this is that in the process of creating and implementing the project management plan, experience and skills should be provided to those involved. This means that in the process of coordinating your business development, we are also upskilling your team to enhance their ability to continue developing your company.

To ensure that our clients are satisfied and that there is open communication, we work with a project management acceptance plan. This is more than simply a task list or a statement of aims. It is a clear agreement which states what the goals of the task are, as well as what will be achieved and how the success will be measured. This ensures that our clients not only have complete control over the direction that our consultants take as the coordinate the work, but it also ensures that each client can see clear evidence of our results.

For more information about project risk management and project management resources, as well as how we can help your business, contact our team today.

Our Project Management service includes:
  • Risk management – we will take full responsibility for the project and it’s success

  • Management of resources and timetables – we will look after all day to day delivery, taking the strain off your organisation

  • Quality management – you can be assured that we will deliver all projects to the highest of standards using the appropriate methodology

  • Acceptance management  (User Acceptance Testing) – providing a clearly defined mechanism for testing work being done and therefore reducing the likelihood of disputes

  • Change control – any amendments that need to be made to the project will be managed by us, taking into account both time and cost considerations