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At Genesis Aviation, we provide the specialist safety support & management services that your company needs to meet industry regulations and be a successful business. We specialise in aviation management training and solutions, although our experienced team can transfer their skills to other related industries like transport management as well. We offer a first-rate, expert service of aviation management solutions for a competitive price – exactly what your company needs to succeed.

In the aviation industry, safety and risk management is a priority. Increasingly tight regulations and requirements are used to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the transport sector. Sometimes these can require new working patterns; in other instances, the existing systems may be realistic and acceptable, but the manner of reporting and recording information can change. Keeping up to date with safety systems can be a challenge. At Genesis, we provide the aviation safety management support that you require.

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Another reason for companies to require our specialist safety support & management services is that there might be a short or medium term gap in the existing leadership team. For example, if a key member of the team is taken ill with a serious health condition, you could find that your have a medium term gap in your business plan. Similarly, if a senior or qualified employee leaves the business, finding a replacement can take time, especially if the new employee has a notice period to work. Even though these scenarios may only leave a temporary gap in your team of experts and managers, it could cause significant problems if your company cannot perform to the highest standards of aviation safety management.

Whatever the reason for your need, our team of consultants are available to supplement your team, ensuring that you have the expertise and experience that you need to keep your business compliant and efficient.

At Genesis, we understand that no two companies are exactly the same. The principles of aviation risk management might need to be applied differently in companies working in different areas of the transport sector. Because of this, we always begin by making sure that we understand the stakeholder vision for the business. We also work closely with the leadership team to agree a strategic plan that is supported by specific and measurable objectives – this is the only way to ensure that progress is being made and goals achieved. Our experts are not just about making suggestions and giving ideas – we are proud of our ‘hands on’ approach which means that we provide leadership and management at all levels of the business which makes a difference to your company through specific actions and appropriate deadlines.

When you use our experts from Genesis, you can be confident that you will receive the benefits that come from having independent, objective experts on hand. We provide our services on a flexible contract, whether you want full time or part time support, and from as little as a week in duration to as long as you need. This makes our services the cost-effective option for risk management in aviation.

For more information, including all enquiries about how we could provide the services that you need, contact our team today using the details on the website.